The SAIO Farm is located in Umbria, at the feet of the basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi. A land full of history and tradition, characterized by strong spirituality related to nature and ascetic meditation. A place still surrounded by an atmosphere suspendend between legend,religion and poetry.
Here the Mencarelli family produces its wines and its extra vergine olive oil.
Let's know more about SAIO from its protagonists...
Alfio Mencarelli
"Looking at Assisi from the brilliant green of the vineyards and listen to the rhythm of nature to create fine wines, is a dream that came true thanks to years of passionate work."

Dynamic and determined, he is the pioneer of SAIO Assisi project. His experience in viticolture leads him to create quality wines that tell the story and tradition of a unique land like Assisi and Umbria.
Agnese Mencarelli
"Vines and wine culture as life experience…"

Fascinated by viticolture and wine as growth and sharing experience. Agnese is in charge of export, local sales and communication. She always welcomes you in the wine tasting room with a contagious smile on her face.
Irene Mencarelli and Gabriele Commodi
"Wine? It's a family affair!"

They have been working together with Alfio from the very beginning, managing business and administrative aspects. Husband and wife in the everyday life, collegues at work. They handle different aspects of the Azienda Agraria.
Maurilio Chioccia
"Native" wine maker, he is involved in many University researches in Italy. He is working in selected wineries in Umbria and in other regions in Italy. His first aim is to make a wine the best expression of its land.