Wine and evo. Taste and buy in the winery

Wine and evo. Taste and buy in the winery

Taste and buy wine and evo in the winery and know more about what’s hidden in a glass of wine. SAIO is the Vineyard of Assisi and the Mencarelli family will share its passion with you in making wine and evo in Assisi, just a stone’s throw from Saint Francis Church.

Know more about our wines and evo: https://www.saioassisi.it/en/products/

Wines in bottle refined in steel and in oak to obtain the best complexity of aromas and bouquet and wine in bag in box to enjoy SAIO Assisi wines everyday.

A tasting of the wines and evo will be the best way to make your best purchase, for you or to share with friends.

It’s a pleasure to welcome you in our family farm also on Monday April 22, April 25 (from 10.00 to 14.00) and on May 1st. We’ll be close on Easter day.

SAIO Wine Shop it’s just outside Assisi. Type “SAIO Assisi” on Google Maps, and you find our precise position.

Contact us! info@saioassisi.it

Saio Assisi