Pic-nic Deluxe in the Vineyard of Assisi

Pic nic lunch with a unique view on Assisi, bottle of wine of your choice.

Pic nic in the Vineyards Deluxe is one of the most requested experiences combining a visit to Assisi with the gastronomic delights of Umbria.

This is a perfect familyactivity, because your children will love playing outside and with our animals!

Perfect for a special day, an anniversary, perfect as a birthday gift or simply to make a day special as a couple, family or with your closest friends.

The Sunday outing, an activity in the countryside with the kids, a walk through the picturesque streets of Assisi: Pic nic Deluxe is the solution to make a special day in Umbria.

Special for Kids

Wide spaces to play under the shadow of the veranda or under the oaks’ shadow.
Mini-kit to draw and play.
Have fun with our two goats! Bea and Tea are waiting for you!
Possibility to reach the veranda area with your stroller or by car, in case you need it.

Length of activity: 2 hours
The tasting room and the out door spaces are the first stop for visitors for an introduction about SAIO Assisi winery and wines.
There they will receive a map showing the walking paths and instructions where they can find information about the wines and grapes along the paths.
Then it’s only 15 minute walk through the vineyards to the SAIO pavilion, but also longer paths are available.
On the way to the pavilion visitors can admire the panoramic view of Assisi, Perugia and Santa Maria degli Angeli.
A lunch will follow.
Both young and old will find the walk an easy and enjoyable one.

The lunch includes:
1 bottle of SAIO Assisi wine of your choice
Fresh bread and SAIO extravergine Olive oil
Pecorino cheese with SAIO Grape jam,
Caciotta cheese with black truffle,
Roasted pork meat,
Handmade Torta al Testo (lightly salted Umbrian flatbread),
Selection of local cured meats,
Traditional Umbrian dessert,
Mineral water

Gluten free and vegetarian menu by request


Adults € 60,00 per couple

The activity starts at 12.00, at 11.00 with guided tasting 5 wine before the pic nic.

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Saio Assisi